What It Was.........!!! By the Reverend Bad Bob Kientz  
     I’ve attended numerous gatherings in my lifetime, most of which were obligatory and as such boring. This past weekend certainly did not fit into any of those categories. We had 300+ students in 1961 that took the walk and wore the cap. This past weekend I found that approximately 77 of our fellow students are no longer around, I think that either 92 or 94 signed up for the reunion but due to accidents or commitments we had to drop down to about 85 or so that ate supper. The accommodations were the same as when you last attended, no frills nor elegance and just a tad costly for what was given (in my opinion) howsomever, everything was clean. Carolyn and Catherine did a extraordinary job putting the thing together.
     I don’t believe I have ever had a more interesting confab where-in there was very little (if any) pretentiousness show-boating, cliquishness, or braggadocios including arrogant pretension. The dress was total casual and almost all of the conversations were light with ample amounts of humor interlaced thru out.
     The overall outward appearance of those in attendance ( as a whole) was upbeat, the gait appeared to be strong, attire was locally casual, (i.e.) jeans, slacks, sport shirts, etc. Socializing was most prominent and enjoyable with people moving freely from one group to another. As far as I know most everyone in attendance were there because of a genuine desire to meet and mingle with friends from days gone by, renew old friendships and just because they wanted to. I applaud you.  Our class was unique in numerous areas and common in others.
     To those of you who were not able to attend for health reasons, we all wish you well and please know that you longtime classmates have you in their thoughts. Here or not, you still belong to this marvelous group, and always will.
     All in all it was a wonderful group of students during the era of Happy Days, and 55 years later, the people those students became are even more wonderful. It appeared everyone had a very nice time.